A basic knowledge of Max programming is suggested for this workshop

The more the time goes, the more the Artist becomes autonomous, and it happens especially in digital arts fields. Indeed, we have a lot of way to design our own pieces, from sounds to visuals, and it often involves the creation of our own tools.

To create a tool requires knowledge, but even this knowledge is today readily available through internet-driven cyber-communities. I’m thinking about more or less open-source frameworks like Arduino for hardware, Processing for visuals but not only and Max6 for everything.

I need to be autonomous with my art when I am performing my music on stage. This is why I began to design my own visual system which is both flexible and potentially unlimited.

I’m actually in my first research part consisting in studying visuals driven by musical data. The needs of autonomy is a direct part of my artistic research and I’m using Max6 framework for everything related to data in my artworks.

This master-class is a nice way for me to explain to audience what I needed, what I already designed and what I want to design in a close future. I’ll talk about both parts: final purpose global ideas but also what are the technical points under the hood.

From my music data providers to my visuals, I’ll describe why and how I need this software architecture to help me to provide the visuals that most fit with my music & art on stage. I’ll also show some examples by performing one track.

Julien Bayle

As a sound designer & composer, I’m working on very long & evolving soundscapes in which smooth & low frequencies filtered textures can cross sparkly & bright bursts of noise very rich in harmonics. I like to work with very long sequences produced by algorithms. Algorithms are one of the most important piece in my work especially because they are designed for running under multiple constraints that give me a way to control the sounds & sequences produced. I like to include external data sources, often in real time, or randomizing processes more or less control by myself.
If each part contains its own nature, the global pieces can be felt like coherent journeys.

All participants should bring Headphones and a Laptop running:

Ableton version 8

Max 6 or Max 6 Demo

Max 4 Live or Max 4 Live demo

If you dont have some of these click here


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