The workshop will focus on uncommon ways of using Ableton Live, also a couple of extra tools will be explored.

Max For Live is not the focus, but having the default step sequencer and LFO will be a lot of fun. Probably worth bringing the trial version to play with if you don’t already have it.



Over the workshop we will:

Investigate some underlooked features in Live
Build a couple of tricky racks
Explore advanced midi control capabilities
Learn about some interesting and simple tools that might change the way you work

Hems has developed many multimedia works and carries a huge programming background which is very helpful in the this field, when not working hems is improving relationship with music and sound design.

Check out this soundtrack composed earlier this year

Jägermeister Rebirth Video from Hi-ReS! on Vimeo.

Participants should bring headphones and a laptop running

Ableton version 6 or above
waveform visualisation

PC users should bring

virtual midi cable for pc:
virtual audio cable for pc:

Mac users should bring

Virtual audio cable for Mac

If you dont have some of these click here


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