In this workshop Tom will deconstruct a Deep House track, focussing on several techniques he has employed during the composition and production of the track.

Topics will include:

Writing drum beats in drum rack, adding compression, reverb and groove.
Designing a bass patch from scratch using Analog + effects.
Music theory behind the melodies/basslines used
Adding the all-important ‘linking’ sounds in an arrangement

Participants must bring:

A Laptop and Headphones
Ableton Version 8
A set of Drum samples

If you dont have some of these click here

Tom Lonsborough

Tom is head of online learning at Manchester MIDI School and has been with the school since 2006. He was one of the first to take part in Ableton’s Certified Training program back in 2008, and has been the school’s Certified Trainer since then.

Professionally, as well as running Ableton Live courses at the MIDI School, he has run Ableton Live workshops for the BBC, taught DJing in secondary schools, carried out product demos for Ableton themselves, demo’d kit for Lamba at various shows nationwide, and works for the Manchester-based record label, PAPER Recordings.

Personally, he has had releases on Mercury, PAPER, and WeAreWoodville. He performs, releases and remixes with his band DATG, has had DJ residencies all over Manchester, and has a new studio-based side project on the go – 2 Billion Beats.

Tom can help you out with any aspect of Live, music production, or performance: He teaches regular weekend crash courses on Live in small groups, and is available for bespoke one on one training on any aspect of Live. He is the tutor for the MIDI School’s comprehensive 12 week online Ableton Live course.


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