Suitable for anyone with an interest in installation art

In this 90 minute workshop artists Sean Clark and Genetic Moo (Tim Pickup and Nicola Schauerman) will be exploring the technologies and ideas behind their current Phoenix exhibition “Symbiotic“.

The workshop will start with a guided viewing of the exhibition in the DMU Cube before moving upstairs to the workshop room where the technology used will be explained in detail. The Symbiotic exhibition makes use of Max/MSP, Processing, video cameras and other sensors and attendees will be given an opportunity to explore the creative use of all of these technologies. You are invited to bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) and will be able to install example software created by the artists. You should install Processing and/or Max on your machine if you wish to use them during the workshop. There will also be time set aside for people to ask general questions about the artists’s creative practice and expertise and to explore the concept of “Symbiotic Art”.


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