The Workshop will show some of the many ways spatial audio can be produced, using the elegant and powerful Reaper program.

Some instances of crashing have been reported using Reaper with Rewire on certain operating systems. Other sound sources than Ableton will be discussed in the workshop so if your system appears unstable with this setup DO NOT WORRY!

Topics will include:

Introduction to surround sound : panning, binaural reproduction, Ambisonics

Implementation and integration in Reaper

Reaper as a ReWire host for Ableton

Dylan Menzies

Dylan is a Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University teaching all things audio from production to electronic and software design.

He previously worked as a design engineer for Sony Pro Audio, and several technology startups. His current research ranges across the development of new spatial audio techniques, physically modelled sound for virtual environments, and musical interfaces and synthesis.

Participants must bring:

A Laptop and Headphones

Ableton Version 8

Reaper 4.26

1st Order Plugin suite

If you dont have some of these click here


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